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  • How To Customize Your Own Songs 30 Note Music Box Movement

    Guide-line For New Tune Development of 36 Note 1. Tune Duration: About 30 s 2. Range: Max 3 octaves~3 octaves+3~5 Notes 3. Limited, a)This model have 36 Keys,when play, evey note will occupy one...

  • How To Customize 30 Note Music Box Tunes

                     30 Note MovementGuide-line Of Customing New tunes If you like 30 note model, and then want to have your own tunes, Ok, no problem, ,but you need to learn some details about...

  • How To Customize 18 Note Music Box Songs

                                           Guide-line For Custom Melodies Of 18-Note Musical Movement If you are intresting the 18 note musical movement, and want to make your own melodies, yes ,this...

  • Custom Music Box Tunes

    2013-07-30 14:52:12

    More than 800 pop songs for selection,if you are interesting in our products and want to select some tunes you like, we will send you tune list for your reference. Also no problem to offer custom...